Commuter combines live travel data for Tfl London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Rail (DLR), and UK National Rail services giving you integrated realtime route monitoring.
Requires: iOS 4.2+ (iPhone 3G+, iPad, iPod touch)
  • Commuter provides you with comprehensive features including route planning, dashboard monitoring of your journey, recording favourite routes, choosing your preferred transport, sharing routes, departure boards and itineraries via sms, email and Facebook, service updates from all providers, the ability to extend free features with in-app purchases and subscriptions, custom settings and plenty of help and support when you need it.
  • On the Dashboard each section of your journey is displayed with a dedicated departure board.

    The boards display trains going in your direction and give a countdown in minutes and seconds to their arrival, their destination, platform, and departure time.

    The boards also display up to the minute line service information and will alert you if there are current station problems.

  • Commuter departure boards are 'super' boards, displaying multiple service providers and platforms for all the trains going in your direction in a single board.

    They can be expanded to display information on up to eight incoming trains or collapsed entirely after you have departed.

    Each train has a coloured indicator for the service provider which can be clicked to view the duration and time of arrival at your next station so comparison between trains is easy.

  • The departure board allows you to click on the arrow to the right of a train and view the details for that train. This includes the calling stations on route to your next connecting or destination station.
  • Selecting a route to monitor is easy.

    You can choose from stations that are nearby to you, or recent stations you've used, or use the A-Z list including a quick search function.

    An easy to use toolbar slides up to give you a way to turn transport types on and off for this journey as well as expanding your nearby station range with the more stations function, and we've provided a contextual help feature with every section of the app.

  • Commuter displays all the current best routes and possible service providers in it's route options mode.

    You can compare routes, including seeing live service issues, by swiping across options in the carousel before clicking to monitor your preferred route.

  • The Dashboard toolbar gives you what we think are some very cool functions:

    Itinerary let's you build a specific itinerary for this journey

    Options allows you to reverse this route or review other choices for the same journey

    Sharing let's you share your itinerary, departure board or your route with friends via sms, email or Facebook

    Favourites lets you save this route if you use it a lot

  • An itinerary is based on first selecting a train that you wish to depart on. The itinerary calculator then finds the connecting trains for your journey.

    The trains for your itinerary are then given a light blue coloured background so they are easily identifiable and the journey is summarised in the toolbar.

    The departure boards also default to showing the trains in your itinerary in a single row.

  • Services updates are available from all UK rail providers covering London Underground, London Overground, Docklands Light Railway (DLR) and all National Rail services.

    Of these the app provides London Underground and DLR service updates free of charge, National Rail and London Overground (provided by National Rail Enquiries) attract service charges and hence are available under a data plan.

  • Transport services can be turned on and off to allow you to manage your preferred journey.

    Commuter makes a distinction between UK Rail services that use or do not use London stations that accept Oyster cards with a difference in the coloured icons. This makes it easy to know whether a station will accept your Oyster card.

    The type of data you have rights to, being live or scheduled, is also summarised here for each provider.

  • When commuting you're always using the same routes so we've allocated storage for you to save up to twenty different routes in your favourites.

    You can also create alias names for stations e.g. Mum's, Home, Work, Library, Gym, etc.

    Oh, and you can share favourites with friends via sms, email and Facebook.
  • There's an inbuilt data shop in Commuter so you can extend the app.

    We're pleased to say that Commuter is free with live data from Transport for London for London Underground and Docklands Light Rail (DLR).

    And you can extend this with live data for London Overground and all National Rail services by running a free one week trial, or buying a monthly pay-as-you-go, or purchasing an Apple auto-renewable subscription.
  • It's easy to find more screenshots such as this one of the live service information for Southeastern trains.

    Each time you see the + symbol inside a circle you can expand the block to read more information.

    We think the visibility you have on your journeys throughout the UK need to be as good as possible and believe we've made a big step towards this by focussing on live data, please download the app (it's free) and let us know what you think.